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  • Independence Day, Republic Day, Mahtatma Gandhi's Birhtday and such other important days together with important festivals of all religions and communities are included in the Calendar on a monthly basis and are celebrated by all the students and teachers in the school accordingly.

    April Orientation Session with the student/parents Hindi Writing Competition (Class I-V)
    English Writing Competition (Class VI-VIII)
    Hindi Elocution/Debate (Class IX-XII)
    May Mother’s Day , FA-I
    July English Writing Competition (Class I-V)
    Hindi Writing Competition (Class VI-VII)
    English Elocution/Debate (Class IX-XII)
    Preparations for Science Fair
    Parents-Teachers Meeting (Class I-XII)
    August Independence Day Celebration, FA-II
    September Teacher’s Day Celebrations
    Drawing & Craft Competition (Class I-XII)
    Picnic/Excursion (Class I-V) SA-I
    October Mahatma Gandhi Birthday Celebrations
    Parents-Teachers Meeting (Class I-IX,XII)
    Educational Tour (during the Autumn break)
    November Children’s Day Celebrations
    Picnic/Excursion (Class VI-XII)
    Parents-Teachers Meeting (X-XII), FA-III
    December Parents-Teacher Meeting (Class X, XII)
    Annual Exhibition /Annual Day
    First Pre-Board Exam (XII)
    January Republic Day Celebrations
    Parents-Teachers Meeting (Class IX-XI)
    Annual Sports Day, FA-IV
    Basant Panchmi Celebrations and
    Fancy Dress Competition etc.
    February Parents-Teachers Meeting (Class I-VIII)
    Second Pre-Board (XII)
    March SA-II
    Note: various Competitions/Celebrations shall be organised under School House System.

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